FiberFlex Media - TV Services

Gamewood provides Television Services to your residence, organization or business using the City of Danville's nDanville Fiber-Optic network. High Definition (HD) Channels are available in every package so you can get the best quality programming even with our most economical service. There are no extra fees for HD channels.
  • $31.95/month
  • 31 Channels
  • 6 HD Channels
  • 5 Local Stations in HD
  • 7 Channels on TV Everywhere
  • Bronze Channels
  • $65.95/month
  • 94 Channels (includes Bronze Channels)
  • 30 HD Channels
  • 37 Channels on TV Everywhere
  • Eligible for Premiun Channel Packages
  • Silver Channels
  • $75.95/month
  • 190 Channels (includes Silver Channels)
  • 40 HD Channels
  • 51 Music Channels
  • 46 Channels on TV Everywhere
  • Eligible for Premiun Channel Packages
  • Gold Channels
  • $92.95/month
  • 261 Channels (includes Gold Channels)
  • 47 HD Channels
  • 51 Music Channels
  • 56 Channels on TV Everywhere
  • Eligible for Premiun Channel Packages
  • Platinum Channels

Premium Channel Packages

The Spanish Language Channels can be added to any TV service. Premium channel packages can be added to Silver, Gold or Platinum TV Service.
Spanish Language
Starz! + Cinemax + Showtime + HBO

Additional Fees

  • $8.80 per month is charged by the City of Danville for the Calix Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and will be found on your City of Danville Utilities Bill.
    This device connects to the City's fiber optic network and converts the optical signal to an electrical signal over copper that provides Internet, TV and Voice services. Think of the ONT as a MODEM/Router combination, much like other service providers use and provide.
  • Each television connected to the FiberFlex TV service requires a set top box (STB).
    Gamewood rents the the STB(s). The Standard High Definition STB is rented at $8.00/month per TV. We also have a DVR and only one is needed per househould. The rental fee for the DVR is $14.00/month. Set top boxes can also be purchased. Please call us for the current purchase price.

Additional Information