Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Why is Fiber better than my current DSL or Cable service?
    Fiber transfers data over light rather than electricity which provides the fastest form of broadband. Fiber optic cable is made of glass or plastic instead of metal which makes it less susceptible to interference and energy loss therefore making it a more dependable form of service.
  2. How can I get Fiber service / Where is the Fiber service?
    First we need to make sure you are in a qualifying area that has fiber provided by the City of Danville. You can reach us at 434-792-2253. Once we have determined that you are in a qualifying area, you can sign up by visiting our office at 165 Deer Run Rd, Danville, VA 24540. You can also check our address database.
  3. How long does it take to get Fiber service?
    Once we have your application, it is sent to the City of Danville who will put you on their schedule to be spliced to the fiber provided in your neighborhood. This normally is done with 2 separate visits by the City’s installers. They will first place the ONT on to your home or building and then they will splice the fiber to your location. This is not a quick process. It normally takes the City anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Once they have completed their part they will email Gamewood and we will then contact you to schedule your installation.
  4. Does the city charge anything for using the Fiber?
    Yes, the city will provide a piece of equipment, called a Calix Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which is required to make the fiber work. The City charges $8.80 each month on your utility bill as long as you have the Calix ONT. The ONT is a small MODEM like device that converts the opitical signal received from the fiber to electrical signals for Internet, TV and Voice services. DSL and Cable service providers often have something similar installed at your premise.
  5. Do you offer On Demand TV Programs and Movies?
    No, our TV provider does not currently offer On Demand Television services. However, we do have TV Everywhere which allows our television customers to watch their favorite shows from any wireless device even away from home.
  6. What equipment is required to use the Fiber?
    The Calix ONT serves as the central hub for the fiber service. All services are connected directly into the Calix ONT. If you are a television customer you will also need a Set Top Box (STB) at each television. The cost of the STB is $8.00 per month per TV. We also have DVR Set Top Boxes available for $14.00 per month.
  7. Do I have to provide my own router?
    The answer to this question depends on how you're going to use the Internet service.
    1. If you don't have an existing network, you likely want to use wireless devices. Any existing router with integrated wireless access point, as long as it is not also a cable or DSL MODEM, should work. Gamewood can also provide a router with integrated wireless for $50.00 plus tax.
    2. If you have an existing wired network that plugs into network switches and wireless access points, then an extra router is not required. The Calix ONT is provisioned as a router for Internet services.
    3. If you're going to require a public static IP address, then you'll need a router or router with integrated wireless access point.
  8. What if I have a security system with monitoring?
    If you have security monitoring using your current landline provider, and you wish to switch to our VoIP phone service you will need a long range radio for your security system. This is to insure the security system continues to function correctly in the event of a power loss.
  9. Do I need a Static IP address?
    Most users do not need a static IP address. A static IP address is normally used when external devices or websites need to remember your IP address for example if you are hosting a website or are using VPN. If you require a static IP address there is a charge of $14.00/month for the first IP address and $9.00/month for each subsequent IP address.
  10. Can I keep my existing phone number?
    Yes, our phone provider can port your existing phone number as long as the company you are currently with will release the number. Verizon and Comcast do transfer their numbers. There is a one-time port over/activation fee of $20.00 that will be in your first bill if you sign up for phone service.
  11. Does your phone service come with long distance?
    Yes, our phone service offers free long distance to anywhere in the United States and Canada. All the other countries have their own rates that we can provide for you. A complete list of features is available.
  12. Is your Internet service unlimited?
    Yes, our Internet service is truly unlimited in that there are no usage caps on downloads or uploads.
  13. Is there an installation fee?
    Yes, Gamewood charges a one-time installation fee of $99.95 that will be on your first bill. Any additional services added later will also have an installation fee if it requires another site visit.
  14. What speed is required to stream video?
    3Mb/s is the recommended minimum to stream video. You will also need to factor in how many wireless devices your family will be using at the same time when determining what speed you will need. Different services have different minimum requirements. View our Streaming Speed Analysis for several providers.
  15. What if I want to change products after I have the service?
    We do ask that you keep your phone or television for at least one year after signing up but you can switch levels at any time.