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Bronze Television Service

Bronze Television Service is $31.95/month. Browse the channel lineup.

Did You Know?

How fast does your Internet service need to be to stream video?

Here's our analysis of the streaming speed requirements for Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO NOW and hulu. The minimum speed in megabits per second for each service and quality of content is given. Keep in mind that this is the minimum required per device that is being used to view streaming content. If you have several users in your business or household streaming video you will want to multiply the minimum by the number of concurrent users.

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Affordable Business Internet Service

Call today to find out about our affordable Business Internet Service plans. Starting at $37.95/month for 10Mb/s using the City of Danville's nDanville Fiber-Optic Network.

Download speeds of up to 150Mb/s are available.

We can also provide custom quotes for download speeds greater than 150Mb/s.

Call 434-792-2253, today.