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Channel 24 WFFP Added to Platinum TV

WDBJ 7 has made some off air broadcast changes. WFFP Danville and WLHG operated by Liberty University are now being broadcast under a new agreement with WDBJ 7 from their local broadcast tower on Poor Mountain.

If you have an antenna, when you scan for new channels, you will now see the following 4 programs being broadcast by WDBJ7:

  • WDBJ7 - CBS HD (virtual channel 7.1)
  • WLHG - My Network TV plus LU Sports (virtual channel 43.1)
  • Decades - (virtual channel 7.2)
  • WFFP - Cozi TV HD (virtual channel 24.1)

  • We have added channel 24 WFFP SD to our Platinum lineup. This channel will be broadcasting programming from the COZI Network.

    Ch 19 MyNetworkTV has been renamed WLHG but will continue to broadcast My Network TV content as well as periodically broadcasting Liberty University sports programming.

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