Network & Maintenance Notification for Mobile Devices

Use this form to get System, Network and Maintenance notifications as SMS messages from Gamewood Technology Group, Inc on your mobile device. Once you submit the form below, you will be sent a 6 digit verification code that will need to be entered within 15 minutes.

This form only works for mobile device e-mail addresses. Common formats are shown below.

Enter your mobile device e-mail address:


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Common Text E-mail Address Formats:

  • AT&T -
  • Sprint PCS -
  • T-Mobile -
  • Verizon - - For example:


  1. Once submitted, a 6 digit verification code will be sent to the address entered. Then, you will be shown a confirmation page to enter the verification code. The verification code must be entered within 15 minutes.
  2. All messages to mobile devices will have the format: (GAMEWOOD) A unique short message here. See website for details.
  3. If you want a regular e-mail message for notifications, sign up here.
  4. You can sign up as many different mobile and e-mail addresses as you like, but they have to be entered one at a time, with separate validation for each.
  5. Message and data rates may apply. In other words, when you use our notifications services, the only cost to you is whatever your wireless provider charges you to send and receive text messages.
  6. We do not have a user initiated address removal page at this time. This is planned.