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Move to Fiber and Cut Your Cable

Does your current Internet service provider limit or put a cap on the amount of downloads and use of your Internet service each month? Or does your service provider start you at a low rate then increase it every year to two? We don't! Our Internet plans, provided over the City of Danville's nDanville Fiber-Optic Network, offer unlimited downloads and uploads up to the maximum speed subscribed to.

For example, get 25Mb/s download by 25Mb/s upload for $45.00/month! Or get 100Mb/s down by 100Mb/s up for $75.00/month! Other speeds and prices are also available (up to 150 Mb/s)!

Click here for complete details.

This offer is limited to residential customers only.

Did You Know?

Sign-up For Network Maintenance Notifications

You can sign-up for Systems, Network and Maintenance Notifications to receive advanced notfication of planned events.

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ADB-Potenza Remote Code Lookup

Use our ADB Potenza Code Lookup feature to find your TV, DVD or other product and program it in your ADB Potenza Remote Control.