Business Fiber Optic Internet, Television and Voice Services

Business Fiber Internet Pricing

(Monthly Service Pricing by Term)
Speed One Year Two Year Three Year

  • Add 2 phone lines and e-Fax, including 120 pages per month, for an additional $68.00/month.
  • Save $10.00/month on the cost of Internet service when bundled with one of our TV Services.

Why Choose Fiber for your business?

  • Fast and reliable high speed Internet using the nDanville Fiber Optic Network.
  • 24x7 Customer Service Help Desk.
  • Installation $99.952. Existing customers can upgrade with no installation charge.
  • Add a public static IP address for $5.00/month.
  • Upgrade to a higher speed at any time during the term without a penalty and without extending the term.
  • Convenient monthly "no-contract" pricing is available.
  • Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. is owned and operated by RiverStreet Networks.
  • We are an agile and flexible company. If your organization has special needs, allow us to quote a custom service and pricing to meet your business needs.
  • Our phone service has unlimited3 continental US and Canada Calling. We have all of the customer calling features4 you expect, including call-waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID and voice-mail. We have great international rates5.
  • E-fax allows you to send and receive faes using your e-mail or smart-phone.


  1. Double the upload speed for this product by adding an additional $10.00/month to the price shown.
  2. Installation fee does not include any additional charges, or make-ready work, by the City of Danville for installing the nDanville fiber to the business. Estimates of any additional fees will be given when we check availability.
  3. For 2 or less lines.
  4. Calling Features (are the same as our Residential Service).
  5. Call for a quote on current international rates.