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Voice Service Maintenance

Saturday January 20, 2018 - 12AM until 6AM EDT. We will be performing maintenance on the network that supports our voice services for residential customers (and some small business customes that have 1 or 2 voice lines). During this maintenance you may experience short periods of time where you don't have dial tone or can't make calls.

Digital TV Service Issue, Update 2

All digital TV services are restored now. There was a power issue that affected all channels between 115pm and 130pm. Standard Definition Channels were restored at 130pm. High Definition channels were restored at 250pm.

Product Highlight

Move to Fiber and Cut Your Cable

Does your current Internet service provider limit or put a cap on the amount of downloads and use of your Internet service each month? Or does your service provider start you at a low rate then increase it every year to two? We don't! Our Internet plans, provided over the City of Danville's nDanville Fiber-Optic Network, offer unlimited downloads and uploads up to the maximum speed subscribed to.

For example, get 25Mb/s download by 25Mb/s upload for $45.00/month! Or get 100Mb/s down by 100Mb/s up for $75.00/month! Other speeds and prices are also available (up to 150 Mb/s)!

Click here for complete details.

This offer is limited to residential customers only.

Did You Know?

Online TV Guide

See TV programming that is currently showing or what is coming up by visiting this Online TV Guide that covers our FiberFlex Media Digital TV Service.